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It’s hard to remain


When I can’t see the light that once


From the room in which you were


It’s hard to have that much needed


When I don’t have your ears to sort through

what happened.

Remember when I left you a rose and

you sketched it?

Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend that

you’ve kept it.

Remember when we were four people in one apartment,

sipping Belgian beers and

slipping under golden veneers?

Remember when we read more

maps that books

and train tracks took us to destinations

where our hearts

swayed and shook?

Remember when you drove over 500 miles

and I spun you around while

sporting the biggest smile?

Remember when you spent that string

of nights awake,

Strung out on caffeine and chemistry while we

begged you to

take a break?

Remember when you welcomed us into

your home,

Then we wandered around Cleveland to do

what we do best –


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